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Let Me Game in Peace
to win or to die

NovelLet Me Game in PeaceLet Me Game in Peace
Shinmai Maou no Keiyakusha
Chapter 1037 – Brazen Extortion fix finger
“It’s as a result of him.” Tang Zhizhong appeared in Zhou Wen’s path and whispered for the midst-aged guy, “Perhaps they will take sales receipt of the s.p.a.ce suits this time around.”
“I know,” Yu Guang replied. He hurriedly thought to Zhou Wen, “It’s our obligation to aid the introduction of younger abilities. The bureau has numerous advanced s.p.a.ce matches. If you are searching for understanding them, I will decide to offer you several.”
Shen Yuchi looked over Tang Zhizhong as well as the other people over the security check and expected that has a frown, “That needs to be Tang Zhizhong in the Tang Aeros.p.a.ce, appropriate? I remember that he or she has always been a s.p.a.ce-satisfy dealer for our bureau’s s.p.a.ce program. What is taking along with them?”
“It’s not just Frosty-confronted Hades. I heard that Shen Yuchi is additionally in Heavens Pa.s.s and hasn’t stepped out,” Tang Zhizhong claimed gently.
The center-older mankind begun the pickup truck, but he couldn’t help but look at Zhou Wen with the rearview match. He explained that has a intricate expression, “Old Tang, that young… Mr. Zhou… Who seems to be he? Even Freezing-confronted Hades definitely seems to be very fearful of him…”
“It’s Yu Guang okay.” Tang Zhizhong nodded.
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“There are numerous s.p.a.ce fits. Are you presently intending on offering them all for my research? The bureau positive is nice.” Zhou Wen provided a thumbs up before stating to Tang Zhizhong, “These s.p.a.ce matches received to me through the bureau. You need to help me to deliver those to this area. Is there a difficulty?”
Tang Zhizhong grimaced, doubtful how he could describe the matter. At this point, Zhou Wen thought to Yu Guang in the metropolis door, “I does deal with some complications. Is your bureau really happy to assist me?”
Chapter 1037: Brazen Extortion
“I noticed that Tang Aeros.p.a.ce’s s.p.a.ce suits are presently the very best and quite a few superior within the Federation. I am keen on their own,” Zhou Wen included.
“But why would Yu Guang…” The center-older person was dubious as his eyeballs have been packed with puzzlement.
“Actually, I’m incredibly serious about a s.p.a.ce station. I wish to analysis it…” Tang Zhizhong and company’s arms trembled when they heard Zhou Wen’s words.
The bigwigs from the bureau were depressed. Which was over a hundred sets of s.p.a.ce meets. They necessary to spend a sizable sum of cash for them. Though it wasn’t a large sum on the bureau, these folks were still displeased that Zhou Wen had undertaken them.
The center-older mankind commenced the pickup truck, but he couldn’t guide but look at Zhou Wen from the rearview mirror. He stated that has a complicated concept, “Old Tang, that young… Mr. Zhou… Who seems to be he? Even Cool-encountered Hades appears to be very scared of him…”
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“Old Tang, that individual seems to be Yu Guang, correct?” The center-older man viewed Yu Guang with doubt. He believed Yu Guang, but wasn’t too certainly these days.
“I observed that there’s an issue with this set of things. You haven’t applied sales receipt ones yet. Could there really be problems?” Zhou Wen asked in surprise.
“That’s a gossip. Tang Aeros.p.a.ce’s s.p.a.ce fits have been of high quality. There is definitely no problem. We were basically to understand receipt,” Yu Guang claimed through gritted teeth.
“I been told that there’s an issue with this set of things. You haven’t applied sales receipt of those however. Could there actually be problems?” Zhou Wen questioned in big surprise.
Supporting Tang Zhizhong along with the relaxation was only a matter of practicality. This modest value was not enough to work out his grudge along with the bureau.
The bureau didn’t even have numerous s.p.a.ce stations developed on their own, but Zhou Wen was seeking one.
“Are you writing about this set?” Zhou Wen questioned because he pointed in the pickup trucks.
Tang Zhizhong grimaced, doubtful how he could talk about the matter. At this moment, Zhou Wen thought to Yu Guang about the metropolis gate, “I managed experience some issues. Is the best bureau really happy to help me to?”
“I’ve been very enthusiastic about s.p.a.ce accommodates just lately. I wish to get a handful of s.p.a.ce suits to study. Potentially I could bring about the Federation’s aeronautical field. Nevertheless, you might already know, I’m simply a bad university student. I don’t have much money in the first place, and I’ve always been needed on your bureau. I don’t have enough cash to acquire s.p.a.ce suits…” Zhou Wen explained.
“Mr. Zhou, appreciate it. Thank you so much.” Tang Zhizhong helped bring a few firm managers over to say thanks to Zhou Wen.
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Following using sales receipt, the bureau didn’t dare transfer the s.p.a.ce suits inside of the pickups into Skies Pa.s.s. These people were scared that Zhou Wen would bring the ability to speed in when Atmosphere Pa.s.s opened.
“Director-Basic, what should we do?” Yu Guang saw that Zhou Wen was blatantly extorting them. He acquired no preference but to look for Shen Yuchi’s information once more.
“There are numerous s.p.a.ce meets. Do you find yourself considering giving them all for my research? The bureau positive is good.” Zhou Wen gave a thumbs up before declaring to Tang Zhizhong, “These s.p.a.ce fits were given with me by the bureau. Make sure you help me to send them to this spot. What is the trouble?”
“No… No problem…” Tang Zhizhong got the fall of pieces of paper using the handle written onto it and hurriedly required the workers to reload the trucks with all the s.p.a.ce suits.
The middle-aged gentleman started out the van, but he couldn’t help but look at Zhou Wen with the rearview looking glass. He said which has a challenging manifestation, “Old Tang, that young… Mr. Zhou… Who may be he? Even Frosty-confronted Hades seems to be very terrified of him…”
Yu Guang had no preference but to deliver somebody to determine the things. The whole procedure moved surprisingly effortlessly. In just 10 mins, the check up was finished immediately as well as the goods were definitely obtained.
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“Are you writing about this batch?” Zhou Wen required as he directed in the trucks.
“But why would Yu Guang…” The middle-older person was doubtful as his eye had been stuffed with puzzlement.
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Section 1037: Brazen Extortion
“Let’s abandon quickly and safely provide you with the items to Mr. Zhou’s specific site.” Tang Zhizhong jolted the surprised middle-older guy and urged him to operate a vehicle much faster.

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