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Dragon King's Son-In-Law

NovelDragon King’s Son-In-LawDragon King’s Son-In-Law
Chapter 408 embarrassed near
In ancient times, when a scholar triumphed 1st area in the imperial test, he would bring great benefits to his family members .
historic doubts on the life and reign of king richard the third
“Eastern Seashore Dragon Palace?”
“Whats up! Cautious using your words and phrases!” Zhao Yanzi jumped out and yelled, pointing her finger at the wooden-elemental dragon cultivator .
The cultivator with an ident.i.ty expression of Ren Yin 197 condensed a heavy covering of discolored armor all around him, as well as the two big hammers within his fingers introduced dazzling yellow-colored equipment and lighting .
Zhao Kuo! Now, Hao Ren clearly found Zhao Kuo withdrawing his fist and status there magnificently on the Li Xia Area . Soon after succeeding, Zhao Kuo appeared around, and his awesome gaze finally turned to Hao Ren who was three smaller arenas away . The 24 arenas had been one meter beyond the foundation . Hence, the people who were actually inside the market could begin to see the battles in the surrounding arenas . At this moment, Hao Ren and Zhao Kuo obtained conquered their particular enemies and endured from the Jing Zhe Arena and Li Xia Market, investigating the other person across the s.p.a.ce . A multitude of yards absent, Hao Ren could still see the piercing and dominating vitality in Zhao Kuos vision! Ren Yin 168 and Ren Yin 197! the inspector on the Jing Zhe Area stated . Immediately after casting another glimpse at Zhao Kuo, Hao Ren jumped off of the market . The cultivators about the arenas ended up densely bundled alongside one another, and so they couldnt see what was occurring a couple of world away . Gongzi, you were awesome! Lu Linlin and Lu Lili immediately walked to Hao Ren, handing him standard water as well as a hand towel like two cheerleaders . Finding Hao Rens victories, Zhao Yanzis deal with purged with enjoyment, but she didnt desire to disclose it to him as a substitute, she snorted using a pout . One has gained six battles consecutively, Xie Yujia smiled lightly and stated . Everyone who seems to be still during the video game all received consecutively . Zhen Congming dampened their enthusiasm with his thoughts . His words didnt seem inspiring, but he spoke the reality . In fact, that was exactly the first collection method, and anyone who wished to keep on forward were required to earn seven or eight battles consecutively . Zhao Hongyu smiled at Hao Ren . Its Hao Rens new partic.i.p.ating in the assessment, and that he has been doing a great job . Then, she frowned slightly and glanced on the motion in the Dragon G.o.d Shrine . 4 a long time had pa.s.sed considering that the combat assessments set about, Zhao Guang were from the Dragon G.o.d Shrine using the two seniors for some hours too . Glancing at Zhao Hongyu, Hao Ren considered for quite a while and decided to not ever tell her about Zhao Kuo . From the look of things, Zhao Kuo would definitely acquire away from the Yi Mao cultivators . Given that Zhao Hongyu was concerned with Zhao Guang, Hao Ren made the decision not forgetting Zhao Kuo in the meantime . On the Jing Zhe Arena, driving under the influence-stage cultivator was in a strong struggle with another Dui-amount cultivator . As being the compet.i.tions proceeded, the cultivators with less strong farming durability had been gradually removed . The Zhen-level cultivators could well be fortunate enough to get to the next and the thirdly rounds, but they also couldnt get from the fourth and the 5th spherical . The cultivators who would be last ranking within the arenas have been probably going to be a minimum of Dui-levels cultivators . At Gen-level, Hao Ren was actually a unusual exception at this stage . In the area, the cultivator using the Ren Yin 168 ident.i.ty token dangling on his waistline suddenly elevated his solid wood pan, giving off a vibrant lightweight . The cultivator by having an ident.i.ty token of Ren Yin 197 condensed a thicker level of yellow armor all around him, as well as the two massive hammers in the arms produced dazzling yellow lights . With identical strength, they couldnt arrange their nature basis anymore and unleashed their real skills . Ren Yin 168 suddenly photo out a wood made awl which immediately pierced Ren Yin 179s armour with his fantastic arm before hovering out through his rear using a trace of bloodstream . Ren Yin 179 grunted and made an effort to combat again, but his perfect lower-leg was pierced via the wood awl which turned and flew back . That has a knocking noise, the burly cultivator, practically two meters extra tall, sat down in the area . Sorry! The Dui-point wooden-elemental dragon cultivator produced a green lightweight beam from your wood serving and sent our planet-elemental dragon cultivator while using Ren Yin 179 ident.i.ty expression hovering from the market . Quite a few entire world-elemental elders standing upright across the area immediately hurried to aid this cultivator up . This the planet-elemental dragon cultivator forced the seniors off him and fought track of terrific fort.i.tude, and that he looked defiant . Naturally, this Ren Yin 197 was really a new star in an globe-elemental dragon clan . Possessing been conquered, there is no use being annoyed, and this man experienced no selection but to go back to the mountain tops and develop really hard for up coming a long time examination . The inspector liable for the Jing Zhe Arena endured with a cold phrase and yelled, Ren Yin 168 and Ren Yin 246! He didnt even additional a peek at the planet-elemental dragon cultivator who unsuccessful . Of course, such failures have been countless during the Dragon G.o.d Shrines tests annually . Exactly what the Dragon G.o.d Shrine desired was the most notable ten who could turn out to be recognized inspectors and 40 experts who were heading in becoming a.s.sisting inspectors . The cultivators who failed during the early stages of have been not the ones who the Dragon G.o.d Shrine had been following, no matter how wonderful their qualification were . Standing within the industry, Ren Yin 168 asked for a 15-second break up to alter . This wooden-elemental dragon cultivator would beat Hao Ren whose amount was Ren Yin 246 up coming . If he won, he would increase seven consecutive victories and get the champ with the Ren Yin crew, making the qualification to enter the subsequent period with the assessments . At the inspectors nod, Ren Yin 168 rushed out of the area, and over ten wood-elemental seniors who have been holding out throughout the arena immediately surrounded him . Some aided him clean out his meridians while one fed him an elixir dietary supplement coming from a container . Several other seniors glanced at Hao Ren and maintained giving Ren Yin 168 tips and guidelines . In ancient times, should a scholar claimed initial area in the imperial test, he will bring great benefits to his household . It was subsequently the same for those Dragon G.o.d Shrines common exam . Should a cultivator grew to be an formal Inspector, no-one would dare to mess while using clan he is at . Specially to people midsection-rated dragon clans, the better inspectors that they had, the greater strong these folks were . Ren Yin 168 and Ren Yin 246! The bust was more than, plus the inspector stood up again and yelled . The real wood-elemental dragon cultivator had replenished his aspect fact and leaped into the area . Gradually, Hao Ren decided to go in the arena, and the sterling silver dragon embroidery on his shoulder s.h.i.+ned inside the escalating sun energy . The wood-elemental dragon cultivator got observed Hao Rens complements and found he was good at boxing, but he obtained no dharma treasures or a great kingdom . Even with that, Ren Yin 168 didnt dare to chill given that he was reluctant that Hao Ren has been concealing his genuine energy . He also asked the seniors from his clan to look at Hao Rens companions . The info he got was very baffling . Among the Hao Rens cheering crew ended up two beautiful twins who searched very powerful but released no lamps of dragons the mother and little princess ended up respectively at Xun-level and the Basic foundation Place Kingdom another beauty checked for instance a mortal without having fluctuations of characteristics heart and soul, but she obtained metallic and gold light encircling her like some dharma treasures a Li-amount child who searched very intense the last person was really a hunch-guaranteed older person who was at Xun-levels, with his fantastic lighting demonstrated that he got their start in a standard water-elemental dragon clan… Once you! As soon as you! For the world, the real wood-elemental dragon cultivator and Hao Ren cupped arms at each other . Hao Rens odd assistance team and his awesome ident.i.ty as being an a.s.sisting inspector perplexed this cultivator, knowning that was why he decided to hold back Hao Ren with the very beginning . The timber container as part of his fretting hand chance a stunning natural gentle toward Hao Rens heart! Natural green Hardwood Browse! This real wood-elemental dragon cultivator was just 28 years old, but he possessed arrived at top-tier Dui-levels, one specific stage from Xun-degree . He had been a small celebrity during the Qingcheng Mountain peak Dragon Palace as well as one of many full hardwood-elemental dragon tribe . If he unleashed his complete compel, even the seniors within his clan were definitely not his fit . Which has been why he was positive that he could reduce Hao Rens Gen-level potential with one attack! If Hao Ren has been concealing his genuine electrical power, he would compel Hao Ren to show it . Be cautious! Viewing the aggressiveness from the real wood-elemental dragon cultivator, Zhao Yanzi shouted away from world . In the end, the previous earth-elemental dragon cultivator received his shoulder joint and proper calf pierced merely a occasion before . Hao Ren reached out his hands and wrists, and he ingested the green lighting forthcoming his way with a wave! The Lighting Splitting Sword Shadow Scroll, take up! The strength published because of the hardwood-elemental dharma value which has been powered because of the Eco-friendly Real wood Browse contained pure wooden factors, as well as Gentle Splitting Sword Shadow Scroll possessed the potency of taking in five features! Soaking up his foes infiltration checked dangerous, but Hao Ren obtained observed all the suits inside the Jing Zhe World, and then he appreciated all of the six suits of this timber-elemental dragon cultivator . Know yourself and know your foe, and you will probably do not be conquered! Hao Ren absorbed the hardwood-elemental nature fact since he was certainly he could undertake it! The wooden-elemental aspect basis entered Hao Rens entire body through his palms before you head to his ft . . In a routine, the force was completely devoured . A thin beam of white-colored sword energy photo from his minimal finger . Precious metal-elemental sword energy! Aluminum conquered hardwood! Virtually all at once, Hao Ren switched lightly and moved his palm at Ren Yin 168! The dark brown timber awl suddenly taken out from the wooden-elemental dragon cultivators brow! For instance a flash, Hao Ren grabbed the wooden awl whilst the hundun G.o.dly super in the palm broke the hardwood awl into two pieces! The white sword power arrived at the wooden-elemental dragon cultivators facet as well as Hao Ren . The wood-elemental dragon cultivator raised his palms to bar Hao Rens palm, but the sword energy struck him around the pectoral . Because he sensed numb all around his body and couldnt transfer, his shoulder was smacked heavily by Hao Rens palm . Hao Rens palm covered more bright metal-elemental the outdoors essence! Sensing as though his whole body was disintegrated, the real wood-elemental dragon cultivator required a number of steps backside, unable to defend or infiltration . While he was compelled back again, he entered into the atmosphere and fell from the field! Bang! He fell from your enormous industry, and dirt rose upon his fall . The timber-elemental elders rushed over and assisted the small cultivator using the detect token Ren Yin 168 up . Appreciate it! Hao Ren stood in the side of the world and cupped his palms gracefully . Position on a lawn, Zhao Yanzi looked over Hao Ren within his fluttering robe with actors in her view . The reason Hao Ren appearance so das.h.i.+ng out of the blue? she considered . Numb and sore everywhere on, the solid wood-elemental dragon cultivator searched up at Hao Ren with rage and yelled with gritted tooth enamel, You cheated! Finding men and women changing their sight to him, he aimed at Zhao Yanzi plus the other folks with ambiguous qualification and yelled, They ought to are actually a.s.sisting him with hidden weapons! Hi! Cautious along with your words! Zhao Yanzi jumped out and yelled, directing her finger on the wooden-elemental dragon cultivator . How could a Gen-point cultivator earn six battles consecutively? It has to have already been you men who have been a.s.sisting him in magic formula! Looking at Zhao Yanzi as well as folks around her, the timber-elemental dragon cultivator endured up and yelled . The inspector in charge of this field dismissed this debate and removed his right-hand . The ident.i.ty expression dangling in the midsection in this real wood-elemental dragon cultivator flew within the inspectors hand and made dark instantly . It resulted in the solid wood-elemental dragon cultivator was disqualified all through the compet.i.tion, as well as inspector decided that Hao Ren won the match up . I dont totally agree! They applied secret weaponry! You should take a look at them! The solid wood-elemental dragon cultivator pointed at Zhao Yanzi as well as others, screaming within a boisterous speech . Like a younger expert coming from the Qingcheng Mountain peak Dragon Palace, it was a big disgrace for him to generally be conquered by way of a Gen-point cultivator with two assaults . You are a poor loser! Worthless! Zhao Yanzi bought angrier and made a deal with for the wood-elemental dragon cultivator . It immediately enraged the hardwood-elemental dragon cultivator . Standing up, he yelled at the seniors by his area, Elder Liu, Elder Ye, make them learn a lesson! The Qingcheng Mountain peak Dragon Palace was a big compel in the southeast place, and that timber-elemental dragon cultivator was the boy on the dragon master there . Feeling cheated, he have upset at Zhao Yanzis provocation and shed his temper . Ren Yin 246 in the East Water Dragon Palace may be the victor! Standing up inside the field, the inspector declared . East Seas Dragon Palace… While the inspectors tone of voice was not boisterous, his words stunned each of the cultivators throughout the Jing Zhe Field . East Seas Dragon Palace? The real wood-elemental seniors from your Qingcheng Mountain / hill all looked over Zhao Yanzi and her class in astonishment, and the other forces near by stared at Zhao Hongyu plus the others in bafflement . Every one of the 24 arenas would acquire one finalized champion whose clan and origins could be announced after the removal matches . The Eastern side Ocean Dragon Palace also inserted the Dragon G.o.d Shrines common examinations? The news immediately induced an upheaval throughout the Jing Zhe Market! The elders on the Qingcheng Hill immediately dragged their young prince away from the place without using a hassle . Of course, they couldnt afford to wreck along with the Eastern side Beach Dragon Palace!
The cultivators about the arenas were definitely densely stuffed alongside one another, and in addition they couldn’t see that which was taking place , many industry aside .
The inspector the reason for this industry ignored this debate and lifted his right hand . The ident.i.ty expression holding at the waistline on this solid wood-elemental dragon cultivator flew to the inspector’s hand and switched dark colored instantaneously .
The Lighting Splitting Sword Shadow Scroll, soak up!
“The Eastern side Seashore Dragon Palace also came into the Dragon G.o.d Shrine’s typical exams?”
Discovering individuals converting their eyeballs to him, he directed at Zhao Yanzi plus the others with unclear backgrounds and yelled, “They have to are a.s.sisting him with secret tools!”
“All people that is still from the match all claimed consecutively . ” Zhen Congming dampened their enthusiasm in reference to his terms .
The Qingcheng Mountain Dragon Palace was actually a large push during the southeast spot, this also timber-elemental dragon cultivator was the boy with the dragon master there . Experiencing cheated, he received mad at Zhao Yanzi’s provocation and shed his temper .
“Ren Yin 168 and Ren Yin 246!” The crack was over, plus the inspector endured up again and yelled .
At this point, Hao Ren and Zhao Kuo obtained beaten their particular foes and withstood within the Jing Zhe Market and Li Xia Market, considering the other across the s.p.a.ce .
Hao Ren’s palm included much more bright white metallic-elemental the outdoors basis!
Three several hours possessed pa.s.sed ever since the eliminate tests started out, Zhao Guang was on the Dragon G.o.d Shrine using the two senior citizens for three time too .
It resulted in the hardwood-elemental dragon cultivator was disqualified through out the compet.i.tion, as well as the inspector chosen that Hao Ren claimed the complement .
Four hrs obtained pa.s.sed for the reason that eliminate exams started off, Zhao Guang have been during the Dragon G.o.d Shrine with the two elders for a number of several hours at the same time .
The timber-elemental senior citizens hurried above and made it easier for the younger cultivator using the detect expression Ren Yin 168 up .
A wide selection of yards aside, Hao Ren could still glance at the piercing and ruling electricity in Zhao Kuo’s vision!
What the Dragon G.o.d Shrine wished was the very best ten who could become recognized inspectors and 40 experts who had been proceeding becoming a.s.sisting inspectors . The cultivators who been unsuccessful during the early phases of were actually not the ones who the Dragon G.o.d Shrine were immediately after, no matter how fantastic their qualification were actually .
The Dui-stage solid wood-elemental dragon cultivator introduced a green gentle ray coming from the wood pan and forwarded our planet-elemental dragon cultivator using the Ren Yin 179 ident.i.ty token piloting out from the arena .
“Ren Yin 168 and Ren Yin 246!” The bust was around, and also the inspector withstood up again and yelled .
Then, she frowned slightly and glanced at the direction from the Dragon G.o.d Shrine .
lucile adams-campbell
It resulted in the solid wood-elemental dragon cultivator was disqualified throughout the compet.i.tion, as well as inspector determined that Hao Ren triumphed the match .
With identical toughness, they couldn’t save their the outdoors heart and soul anymore and unleashed their correct strengths .
As a result, the people who were in the area could begin to see the fights during the adjoining arenas .
blade and sword god sovereign
“How could a Gen-stage cultivator earn six fights consecutively? It has to are already you people who definitely have been a.s.sisting him in solution!” Reviewing Zhao Yanzi and the people all over her, the wood-elemental dragon cultivator withstood up and yelled .
The real wood-elemental senior citizens hurried more than and really helped the small cultivator together with the identify expression Ren Yin 168 up .
“Ren Yin 168 and Ren Yin 197!” the inspector of the Jing Zhe Market stated .
Experiencing Hao Ren’s victories, Zhao Yanzi’s face purged with delight, but she didn’t would like to disclose it to him rather, she snorted having a pout .
“Eastern Seas Dragon Palace…” Even though the inspector’s tone of voice was not noisy, his words stunned most of the cultivators around the Jing Zhe Market .
Zhao Kuo!
For the inspector’s nod, Ren Yin 168 hurried right out of the industry, and more than ten real wood-elemental seniors who were patiently waiting about the area immediately surrounded him . Some made it easier for him steady out his meridians while one nourished him an elixir dietary supplement from your bottles . Several other senior citizens glanced at Hao Ren and stored providing Ren Yin 168 suggestions and instructions .
It was actually the same for that Dragon G.o.d Shrine’s basic test . In case a cultivator started to be an standard Inspector, no-one would dare to wreck together with the clan he was in . Especially to those mid-scored dragon clans, a lot more inspectors that they had, the greater highly effective these people were .
The Qingcheng Hill Dragon Palace was obviously a significant pressure from the southeast location, and that wooden-elemental dragon cultivator was the daughter from the dragon ruler there . Sensation cheated, he received angry at Zhao Yanzi’s provocation and lost his temper .
This real wood-elemental dragon cultivator was only 28 yrs old, but he had gotten to leading-tier Dui-levels, just one single move from Xun-point . He was a young star in the Qingcheng Mountain / hill Dragon Palace and also among the whole wood-elemental dragon tribe .
I Am Really Not The Son of Providence
Zhao Hongyu smiled at Hao Ren . “It’s Hao Ren’s newbie partic.i.p.ating on the exam, in which he is doing a fantastic job . “

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